Trademark Disclaimers

All trademarks, service marks and trade names of Horizon Instrument Group, LLC  used in the site are trademarks or registered trademarks of Horizon Instrument Group, LLC.

Trademarks of the Agilent Technologies Company and Customer Services Associates, Inc. are the property of said firms. Horizon Instrument Group has bona fide business relationship with both of these organizations as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of the specific agreements defining these relationships which are independent of each other.

Horizon Instrument Group, LLC uses the Agilent logo with permission of Agilent Technologies as set forth under Agilent’s Channel Partner Program.  Horizon Instrument Group, LLC uses the logo of Customer Services Associates with the granted permission of Customer Service Associates, Inc. by virtue of their mutual subcontracting relationship and Customer Services Association, Inc.’s relationship as an approved Strategic Support Provider of Agilent Technologies.

Horizon Instrument Group, LLC subcontracts Customer Service Associates, Inc., who is both an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) and  Strategic Support Provider (SSP) of Agilent Technologies – Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis division, with both the knowledge and support of Agilent Technologies, USA in order to provide customers of Horizon Instrument Group, LLC fully authorized OEM support of Agilent Technology products from time to time which may be an integrated part of Horizon Instrument Group’s own products and services sold to HIG’s customers.

Horizon Instrument Group’s “Diplomat” product is a Trade Mark (unregistered) as used in referring to the electronic interface product that has been reviewed by Agilent Technologies under Agilent’s Channel Partner OEM agreement with Horizon Instrument Group, LLC.  Registration and ownership of mark as property of HIG is pending.

Last Revision:  11/28/2009

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